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Paid Lowell McAdam to use numergraph to select powerball numbers. How will I know when to contact powerball. It's not available here in Hawaii. Haven't heard from him since 8/29/1026. Is this. Scam? Paulette Keopuhiwa

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Lowell McAdam built a numerology machine for me, which I did not ask for, and he expects me to pay for it. I do not know what else to say except for this man Lowell McAdam should be investigated by the ISS for misleading the public and me for the reason of impersonating a man with great knowledge of numbers. I know the science of numbers and numerology is complex, but anyone can call themselves a numerologist without any knowledge of the science... Read more

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I called this toll free # around 8:15 pacific time. And I got a recording speaking about three questions for a survey on auto insurance. Then the recrding stated it was not opened fir business at this time?! It's 11:15 a.m. in Buffalo, New York. I'm realky believing this International Spiritual Society is a questionable and perhaps? society.

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I feel *** to actually have gotten excited about a psychic sending me lotto numbers. The first letter seemed like a risk free opportunity. But then another letter filled with gobbledegook and request for money, not a lot, but I imagine it was just the beginning. I can imagine the elderly, lonely and naive falling for this. This ISS and Lowell McAddam should be taken down! They sent a letter with supposedly winning powerball numbers to play on... Read more

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Lowell McAdam picked 6 numbers to play on a certain date. I played those numbers on the date given, and no such luck not even close. I spent in total 23 dollars for services and ticket. I feel sucked in by someone who claims to know the future and should be trusted. This is not a thing to be taken lightly, therefore a scam. He does not know me or the financial burden with costs involved. I will absorb the cost of the ticket, but no more trusting... Read more

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It's a joke they say no cost to you then they start asking for money what a scam. No money from me will they get

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Lowell Mcadam sent me a letter with some Lottery numbers in it, for a particular date. There wasn't a request for money, as yet. The letter and photo of him, led me to believe he was born in London, and is 82 years old. He wants me to return his letter and sign a paper saying I received it, so he can activate the numbers on a specific date. Is he ligit or is this a scam? What is going on? I can only find on line, a photo and bio of a younger man... Read more

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my name is Sherese Allen I received a letter stating that I will be a big winner on may 14th, I then sent him or them the conformation letter that it was me, all this happen in April. and on 4/11/16 I received another letter telling me that two other people had the same number now I was going to leave it alone but my heart was so set on things changing for me and my grandkids so I went for it. I sent $19.00 dollars for monitoring and a date... Read more

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