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Letter from Lowell McAdam received Seotember 14th saying to send only date and signature by his Correspondence Manager Cornelius LyHan by September 11th, stating I recieved the winning numbers for 1 of October's lotto 6/49 tickets to win $1000000.00.

Thing is, return adress is the same as 1of Allied Collection Agency's Collectors in Fort Eerie, Ont. Canada to whom they are trying to charge me for an overdue $1800.00 Bank account at HSBC which I have NEVER had.

Letter does not ask for money or to purchase anything, jusy that I return a slip of paper by September 11th with my signature & date so the London Born February 17th 1934 Psychic Mr.Lowell McAdam can assure the sent numbers win.

Seems low down and dirty of Allied Collections Agency using à psychic scam like that. His photo for " Annonymous to compare to as he also received a very similar letter.

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Jupiter, Florida, United States #1198905

I received the same letter twice, the first time I did not send it back then 6 months later I received the same letter. So I thought geez this guy is who he says he is so why not try.

I go so excited last night 8/13/16 because that was the date of the lottery. I waited stayed up and went on the computer to check the numbers and I'll be ***, never had one number. I was hoping there was someone to contact or how to stop this foul from getting hopes up only to be knocked down. I ended up with a migraine headache the morning of the 8/14/16.

This should be a crime of some kind.

Well whoever sent this I hope they get to *** quickly. Never again.

Anadarko, Oklahoma, United States #1186650

I believe all the so call psychics are scammers. I have gotten over 100 letters from psychics in Buffalo, New york, Los Angeles and other places.

I think they get people name from mailing lists. Mny of them say "thanks for contacting Me", when actually I did not contact them at all.


I received the same letter and hope that they get in a lot of trouble.I took my letter to the. if anything happens to me dealing with money to any bank they know I wasn't the one.who did this.Susan.

to Anonymous Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1176241

Lolo why would someone go to the police over a scam like this?? Can you imagine all the crazy things police has to deal with??


I received the same letter knew it was a scam of some sort is there anyone you can trust in this world anymore! No I have made it my pledge not to believe anyone it is so sad , I guess that is just human nature boy must God be disgusted with the kind of humans he made, boastful lovers of themselves and of money,what kind of parents did these people have ? Oh well say la vie

to Josie #1151479

The guy is still at it. I just received the same letter today April 28, 2016.

It smells scam, how can someone predict the lottery.

Just his face is scary to look at I would not trust that person. I hope God will punish people like that.

to Anonymous Jupiter, Florida, United States #1198911

I agree, his face is scary. I only did it the second time cause I though the first one away........Like you said I will never trust anyone.............then there is the Publisher Clearing House.

You get 2 mailing a week saying, we are going to be in your area on such and such a date. Order one item and mail back and we may be there to surprise you.

Then the second letter said, we have had to many people act crazy when we come to the door because people do NOT know they won till that moment. Okay all PCH in trash also, that must be higher statics of winning.

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